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Tourism Regulations in Andalucia.

Holiday Rentals

In May 2016 a new regulation came into force in Andalucía in connection with holidays rentals and regulates the rental of touristic properties. 

Persons Affected By This Law

Property owners who offer a touristic service and advertise same by internet or other marketing systems such as travel agencies, real estate agents etc. 

Who Will Not Have To Comply With This Regulation

The Owners of the following properties will not have to comply with this law as they are subject to a different legislation:

  • Properties that are occupied during the holidays without payment of any rent.
  • Properties rented for more than 2 months to the same tenant.
  • Properties located in rural areas.
  • Properties in the same block (3 or more) owned by the same person.

Type Of Rental

  • Rental of the whole Property.
  • Rental of part of the property. This is applicable when the owners live in the property and rents it partially.

Some Requirements To Be Met And Documentation Required

  • Registration of occupants by the owner with local Police.
  • The property must have first occupation license.
  • It must meet technical requirements regarding ventilation, air conditioning (all rooms), furniture, etc.
  • A first aid kit, brochures, instruction booklets, etc will have to be made available to the occupiers.
  • There is an obligation to provide tourist information of the area, have complaints books, and telephone contact for incidents.
  • Specific reservation and cancellation terms are applicable to the holiday rental.

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